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Submit Your New Officer Lists Now!

It’s time to elect your officers for the new Toastmasters year that starts on July 1, and then submit the list of new officers to World Headquarters before June 30.

There are numerous benefits to completing this before the end of June:

  1. Electing your new team and submitting the list gets your club off to a terrific start for next year, helping the club earn its first goal in the Distinguished Club Program (DCP Goal #10).  For DCP credit for next year, the list must be received at World Headquarters by June 30, 2015.
  2. The new officer list allows District 36 to process club officer training results.
  3. The new officer list allows new Area Governors to contact your club and start to help your club.

Submitting the officer list is easy!  Just have one of your current officers go into your “Club Central” online portal, and “View/Update/Print my club officer information.”

Click here for some additional information from the District 36 DCP Pages.

Summer TLI starts June 27!

The first Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) – Club Officer training session – for the 2015-2016 Toastmasters year will be held on Saturday, June 27, at the Silver Spring Church of Christ in Silver Spring MD.  Click here to pre-register!  Trained club officers are the best predictor of club success, and why not ramp up your own Toastmasters experience, learn and refresh, and make new friends on June 27!

Visit the District 36 TLI page for more information and to see the growing list of all of the TLI events in our vicinity.

Congratulations, Distinguished Clubs and Areas!

The number keeps rising almost every day, so we can't keep count of them here – so check out our “Hall of Fame” pages showing all of the Distinguished Clubs and Distinguished Areas for 2014-2015!  WOW!

Be a Triple-Crown Achiever!

American Pharoah may have recently won horseracing’s Triple Crown, but District 36 Toastmasters has its own Triple-Crown Awards for both clubs and individuals, and everyone in the District can be a winner!  So far, at least 10 Toastmasters have achieved the Triple-Crown Individual Award (including one person who did it twice this year!), and 26 clubs have achieved the Triple-Crown Club Award, including 5 who have gone even further and achieved "Double-Triple!"

To achieve the Individual Award, a Toastmaster must earn, between July 1, 2014, and June 30, 2015, three different educational awards: Competent Communicator, Advanced Communicator (any “color”), and either Competent Leader or Advanced Leader (again, any “color”).  The awards can be earned through any District 36 club or clubs.  You’ll receive Bragging Rights and a District 36 incentiveGo for two, and double your fun!

To achieve the Club Award, a Club must achieve DCP goals 1, 3, and 5 (two CC awards, one ACB/ACS/ACG, and one CL/ALB/ALS/DTM).  To double it, achieve goals 2, 4, and 6 (more of the same).  Your club will be famous, you’ll see its name in lights on the District 36 website, and everyone in the club can exercise Bragging Rights Galore!

Realignment Plan for 2015-2016

The District Council approved the Proposed Realignment Plan for 2015-2016, with two amendments.  Download your own copy of the complete new alignment, which goes into effect on Wednesday, July 1, 2015.

You can also now see the newly-designed DCP pages for 2015-2016, showing the alignment of all the Clubs, Areas, and Divisions.

Congratulations, Contest Champions!

At the District 36 Spring Conference on May 15-16, the District’s winners of the Evaluation and International Speech Contests were crowned.  Congratulations to all, and to the other contestants who had also won their Club, Area, and Division contests to get this far.  You all all winners in our eyes!


  1. Emily Nolte, Advance & Conquer
  2. Shruti Kabadi, Wiley
  3. Janice Strachan, Jim Whitney


  1. Joey Jones, White Oak Evening
  2. Mark York, A.S.C.E.
  3. Sau Yang, B.M.D.

See the list of all Area and Division winners.

New District Officers Elected for 2015-2016

At the District Council Business Meeting on May 16, the District Council elected the following future District 36 leaders (for July 1, 2015, through June 30, 2016).  Congratulations to all, and many thanks to the entire Nominations Committee, chaired by Barry Piatt, DTM, PDG.

  • District Director (District Governor):
    John Kinsman, DTM
  • Program Quality Director (Lt Gov Educ/Training):
    Arthur Sidney, DTM
  • Club Growth Director (Lt Gov Marketing):
    Ena Okah, DTM
  • Division Directors (Division Governors):
    • Division A: Philip Greene, ACB, ALB 
    • Division B: Sarah Colon, CC, ALB
    • Division C: Arvind Venugopal, ACB, ALB
    • Division D: Sybrenda Queen, ACS, ALB
    • Division E: Danielle Derrick, ACS, ALB
    • Division F: Fazludeen Fakrudeen, CC, ALB
    • Division G: Douglas Kelly, ACB, ALB

Rewards for Clubs and Members Announced!!!
February 6, 2015

District 36 has announced new incentives and rewards for members and clubs to strive for and achieve!  For example, we will recognize first-time achievements (e.g., your first Competent Leader award) for individuals.  And we will recognize clubs that gain members or are Distinguished.  There also are rewards for new clubs.  See all of the details here, and Start Planning Now to Succeed!

Supporting our District 36 Clubs in Achieving their Excellence

We plan to highlight our clubs in District 36 on the District website to showcase the strengths and unique characteristics of those featured clubs.  The purpose is to promote our clubs and membership growth in our District.  All of the articles for these clubs will be retained on the Supporting Clubs in Achieving their Excellence page under the Clubs tab.  If you would like to submit your club for consideration, please send the proposed article to webmaster@district36.org, yxie@district36.org, and sbramble@district36.org.

Some guidelines for submission are:

  • Highlight what is unique about the club and what makes the club successful.
  • Include the club name, location, time of meeting, website and DCP status, if appropriate.
  • Do not mention individual toastmasters by name, except for a point of contact.
  • Send a pdf flyer if you want that included.

Thank you for visiting our Website!  Please send us your feedback to help improve the site to meet your needs.